Danila Village / S:t Cyrils Greece

That´s putting it mildly 007!

In For your eyes only Bond travels to greece and the beautifu island of Corfu to find the ATAC transmitter from the sunken British spy ship. In the village of S:t Cyrils, Bond meets Q in the town church to get some information. It also happens to be a wedding in the village at the time.

The greek wedding scene in S:t Cyrils where Bond meets Q
This scene was filmed at Danila village, in Corfu.  It´s not a real village but was built as an open air museum mainly for tourists. This amazing site has been almost untouched and is truely a rare location. Due to financial problems it has been closed for many years and is not accessible for the public, unless you are prepared to climb some fences. If you do, you can truly explore the small village in peace without any disturbing tourists and with not another human being in sight.
It is in front of this church that Michael G Wilson makes a cameo as the wedding priest

The financial problems in Greece are obvious and all the houses in Danila are in bad condition. Sadly it feels like the place is slowly falling apart. But it´s still a unique location since it has been mainly untouched since 1981. 

The still very recognizable town square
Danila village is situated a few kilometers inland from the town Gouvia, north from Corfu town. If you drive along the road you will find the place thanks to another For your eyes only location, the entrance gate to Gonzalez´s countryside villa. These gates actually surrounds Danila village and it was in front of them we saw Bond drive his Lotus when passing Loque´s Mercedes.

The site has been altered by nature for the past 30 years and the gate is in bad condition but still very recognizable. Loque´s Mercedes are driving thru these gates and the two black Peugeots are driving out to chase Bond and Melina.


3 thoughts on “Danila Village / S:t Cyrils Greece

  1. I was in Corfu last week and searched out this location, difficult to find as the greek roadsigns are pretty non-existant. The iron gates have been replaced and there is definite NO ENTRY signs outside. I wish I'd had the balls to climb over the walls but there were a couple of locals there looking at me suspiciously anyway so I bottled it! Numpty!


  2. This location is easy to find if you go to Corfu Imperial Grecotel Exclusive Resort on the Kommeno Peninsula just ask there and they may even arrange for a private tour as it is owned by the Grecotel Hotels & Resorts chain of luxury hotels. Also go to their site: http://www.corfuimperial.com


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