Albanian warehouse / Old fortress, Corfu – part 1

In For your eyes only Columbo takes Bond to Albania in order to find Kritstatos’ warehouse. In these scenes Corfu doubled for Albania and the warehouse/Mercedes car chase was filmed at the ‘old fortress’ that takes up the small island at the east end of Corfu town. 

The north side of the old fortress

Built by the Venetians in the 15th century to protect the town from enemies and pirates, the old fortress is still one of the most impressive fortification works in Europe. The building that’s suppose to be the Albanian warehouse is actually a harbour house and part of a restaurant. The bar parasol visible to the left is a perfect place for a glass of ouzo out of the sun. 

The south side

This location actually served as the background for many sequences in the film. The first glimpse we get at the beginning of the film when Gonzales flies Melina over the old fortress and Corfu town, towards her parents. The entrance to the fortress is available through the pathway seen to the very left. This was built by the British in 1819 and leads to Spianada, the famous square of Corfu town. Here you can still see various teams play cricket, a very popular sport on the island, introduced by the British. 

The car/foot chase and the dramatic ending with Loque’s Mercedes on the cliff will be covered at a later date.

James Bond locations will return

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