London calling – British Airways

British Airways Boeing 747-400 to London

When flying to or from London you shouldn’t fly anything but British Airways, Britain’s flag carrier since 1974. This is the only right choice for a true Englishman. Nevertheless it has only been Bond’s choice of airline for two films during the Brosnan era. Aside from that, the logo has also featured in Moonraker.

     -Your drink sir!
           -Lucky I asked for it shaken…

British Airways first class

In Die another day, British Airways was the appropriate choice for Bond when flying home from Cuba.
Bond is flying on a Boeing 747-400. The tail number is G-BNLB and this aircraft was delivered to British Airways on 31 july 1989. Bond is flying first class and is served a vodka martini by the air hostess, played by no one other than Deborah Moore, Sir Roger Moore’s daughter. Brosnan comments that it was lucky he asked for it shakend. Either referring to the fact that Deborah is shaking with her tray or that they’ve had a bumpy ride (even in first class). High Life is British Airways in-flight magazine and the one with Gustav Graves on the cover that Bond is reading was the november issue in 2002. Sadly this aircraft, G-BNLB, was retired and scrapped in 2011 and is no longer possible to fly with.

The British Airways scene is one of the highlights in the movie and The Clash’s London calling is ideal when landing in London.

“-X-ray document scanner!”
British Airways Boeing 757 to S:t Petersburg

In GoldenEye Bond flew British Airways for the first time and this was only the second time in the series to feature the BA logo. The airplane is a Boeing 757 with the old BA livery. The tail number on Bond’s plane is not visible but the flight number mentioned by Q is 878 to S:t Petersburg. British Airways last Boeing 757 in service was retired in 2010 and sold to FedEx. The airplane livery was changed into the design seen in Die another day, between 1997-2003

In Moonraker, a British Airways billboard was used as a joke when Bond disposes of one of the guards from the Rio ambulance. The British Airways stewardess featured on the billboard swallows the guard when he is coming down the mountain on a stretcher. Moore looks satisfied when he is taken care of by the British Airways friendly staff.

Moonraker is probably the film with the most obvious product placements in the series. Products and brands used in the movie include for instance Marlboro cigarettes, Christian Dior, Bollinger, 7up and no less than three airlines including Air France, British Airways and Varig airlines.

The tagline “We’ll take more care of you” was used by British Airways as well as “the world’s favourite airline” and “fly the flag”. Two of the newest slogans include “upgrade to British Airways” and “to fly, to serve”.

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