Circus Circus – Las Vegas

“When was the last time you visited a circus?”

In Diamonds are forever Bond sends Tiffany Case to pick up the diamonds at Circus Circus, the hotel and casino on Las Vegas Boulevard. Tiffany is being watched by the CIA when she arrives. She gets a signal from an agent at the black jack table to go and play the water balloons (where she is suppose to find the diamonds).

This scene was filmed inside the casino and the water balloons can still be found on location, on the second floor at the famous midway in the casino. Some of the clowns have been replaced and today all the clowns look like the one Tiffany is shooting at. It is still very recognizable and the price per game is only $1.

The fact that you still can play the game and recognize the clowns from the film makes this one of the best Bond locations in Las Vegas since most of the other locations that were used in the movie have been altered or demolished since 1971. Sadly the jolly old balloon man has been replaced by an older woman without a funny costume. A few performances at the circus stage inside the casino was also featured in the film and here you can still see high class circus acts and shows today. The exterior of the hotel, with a big circus tent in front, is not visible in the film.

The Circus Circus started in 1968 as a circus, complete with midway games and rides. A hotel was added in 1972, therefore it was not possible to stay at the Circus Circus at the time of the film. Bond is staying at the Hotel Tropicana, even though the interior hotel scenes were filmed at the Riviera. Circus Circus was the first hotel on the strip to actively seek families. Not really the kind of hotel that Bond would choose today.

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