Universal Exports Ltd. / The Malaysia house, London

-Famous Russian General defects!

After that the Russian General Koskov has been taken back by Necros from the British safehouse, Bond is back in London trying to track Koskov down through the woman cellist in Bratislava. We find him at his office. In The Living Daylights 1987, not the usual Whitehall exterior was used for the establishing shot of Bond’s office. Instead we see a brief glimpse of Charing Cross tube station before the camera turns to the entrance with the name Universal Exports. The sign hangs above the door to the Malaysia house in Trafalgar square. Universal exports was used already in the books by Ian Fleming, as the cover name for Mi6. The name has been used since Dr No and was last seen on Bond’s fake business card in Quantum of solace.

In the two previous films, Octopussy and A view to a kill, the old war office building in Whitehall had been used and it would also feature in Dalton’s last film, Licence to Kill. Why the Malaysia tourist office was used is unknown. The building seen in the background is the Canada house, which is part of the High Commission of Canada in London. It hosts the consular and cultural sections of the High Commission.

The building is situated right next to Charing Cross tube station, on Cockspur street in Trafalgar square. In the film there is a man selling newspapers in the corner. He is shouting out the top story, something that is rarely heard today.

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