The hotel lobby – Grand Hotel Pupp

“-Welcome to the Hotel Splendide, your name Sir? 
-James Bond, you find the reservation under Beech.”

In Casino Royale, Bond and Vesper check in to the Hotel Splendide in Montenegro. A Daimler limousine from the hotel picks them up at the Montenegro train station and drives them through town. All the scenes in and around the Hotel was filmed at Grand Hotel Pupp in the Czech spa town of Karlovy Vary. The Grand Hotel Pupp complex is so large and houses so many different locations from the film that I will cover all of them on different occasions.

“You’ll sign that dear? You represent the treasury.”

The lobby looks just like in the film and hopefully they will not change it in the future. Unless the film team refurbished the lobby especially for the film, the hotel have replaced the green wall-to-wall carpet that featured in the film sometime after 2006.

The entire hotel is beautifully decorated and the lobby is no exception.

“Take the next one! There isn’t enough room for me and your ego…”

After picking up his parcel at the front desk Bond and Vesper goes to the fourth floor to spy on Le Chiffre. The elevator can be found just behind the lobby to the right, the same place as in the film.

Production Designer Peter Lamont and his crew fitted the elevator with wooden panels instead of mirrors to make filming possible. Bond presses number 4 in the elevator, something that also was filmed on location.

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