The Persuaders! – Stockholm City Hall / School of Economics

“Parish Office, please enter” 
As I’ve covered earlier, an episode of The Persuaders! takes place in Stockholm when Lord Sinclair is there visiting a lady friend. A woman who has just become Lady Sinclair without Brett’s consent… In order to find  out whether the marriage between Brett and Kristin is legitimate, Brett  and Danny take a taxi to the parish office, apparently housed in the City  Hall in Stockholm. The building is called “the civic building” in the episode.

The first half of the episode “The morning after” was partly filmed in Stockholm, even though it is unlikely that Curtis and Moore were on location since they only have interior scenes in Stockholm. However the building that was used as Stockholm City Hall is really the Stockholm School of Economics, one of the leading business schools in Europe, founded in 1909. Designed by Ivar Tengbom the building was modeled after an Italian renaissance palace and was constructed between 1925-1926.

The large building with the cylinder structure visible in the background is the Stockholm Public Library, constructed in 1928. With its abstract design, this is one of the most notable buildings in Stockholm.

The two buildings are located along Sveavägen at number 65 and 73 right in the Stockholm city center. The subway station Rådmansgatan is located between the two buildings.

The building in the picture below is the real City Hall, which should have been used for the exterior shots had they wanted to show the real building.

Stockholm City Hall

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