Into Vienna – By the Praterstern

After escaping the Czechoslovakian border guards, in Kara’s Cello case, Bond and Kara arrive in Vienna. They have hitched a ride after crossing the border safely into Austria and arrive on the back of a lorry carrying vegetables. Not exactly Bond’s finest hour. But his dignity is soon restored when he hails down a horse carriage that takes them through town to Hotel Im Palais Schwarzenberg.

Bond and Kara are standing on the road ‘Praterstern’, next to the underground station with the same name. When standing on the side of the road, close to the intersection with Ausstellungsstraße you have the same view over the Prater ferris wheel as Bond and Kara in the film. Later that evening, after attending the opera, Bond and Kara visit the Prater park and take a ride in the famous wheel.


This is one of the easiest accessible Bond locations in Vienna. The Shell gas station is briefly visible in the film and can still be found on the same location. If you are going to visit the Prater park, you enter from this side. Just cross the road and walk past the gas station to find the entrance.

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