Gibraltar – The Moorish outpost

Dalton’s first mission as 007 starts off in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar. What is supposed to be an exercise, arranged by Mi6 and the S.A.S., becomes deadly serious when 004, one of the agents participating in the exercise, gets killed by an unknown assassin on the rock.

Observing the fall of 004 when his climbing rope is cut off, Bond starts pursuing the assassin and is seen running down some steps. Seen in the background is the moorish outpost. Situated at the southern part of the rock.

“Your objective, is to infiltrate the radar installations of Gibraltar…”
                                          – M –

The steps start at St Michael road and is the first part of something called Douglas Path. The path continue up on the southern part of the rock for a few hundred meters past the Moorish outpost. The view from almost every part of the rock is magnificent. Even though the most action actually took place around the northern top, this location, on the southern part is well worth visiting, especially thanks to the Douglas Path.


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