Raoul’s cigar factory

After walking down the sea promenade, Bond arrives at a cigar factory, supposedly located in old Havana. This is the cigar factory that belongs to Raoul, a sleeper agent stationed in Cuba. As I have written before, none of the Cuban scenes were filmed on location. Instead the filmmakers redid Cádiz in the southern part of Spain to look like Cuba.

This scene was filmed in the old part of Cádiz. The street was brilliantly converted, and since Cádiz is one of the oldest port cities in the world, not much had to be done about the surrounding buildings. Raoul’s cigar factory is actually a central market place, housing a lot of small shops, butchers and restaurants, called Mercado Central.

Calle Garaicoechea intersects with Calle Libertad, right in front of Mercado Central. Bond walks down Calle Garaicoechea and arrives at the factory, where he asks for Delectados cigars, actually a code for waking up the sleeping agent.

Mercado Central was built in the 1830’s and is apparently the oldest covered food market in Spain. The building is neoclassical and the other three sides look the same as where Bond enters. The opening hours are a bit irregular, but despite the sign stating the opening hours between 10.00 and 18.00, chances are it will be open in the evening. The interior scenes of the cigar factory was naturally shot in studio.

“I’m here to pick up some Delectados.”

The arc on the facade seen from the inside of Mercado Central. In between the pillars you find small shops and delicatessens. Here you find local delights and, naturally, a visit is highly recommended.

Raoul’s right hand man, played by Joaquín Martínez, escorts Bond through the factory and up on the roof where Raoul receives Bond. The roof scene was filmed next to the Cádiz cathedral which is actually located a few minutes walk from the “cigar factory”.

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