Skyfall motorbike chase – Grand Bazaar

After killing agent Ronson and stealing the valuable hard drive, Patrice escapes and is chased by Bond through Istanbul. After crashing his car and picking up a police motorbike in the big square in front of Yeni Cami (New Mosque) and the spice market, down in the Eminönü district, Bond chases Patrice to the Grand Bazaar.

Bond and Patrice drives through an entrance called Büyuk Valide Han, located in the periphery of the Grand Bazaar. Bond and Patrice are driving through the house, across a square and up some stairs in order to get up on the rooftop. The square can be found if you walk through this house but the chase has been edited so that Bond and Patrice are driving in from the other side of the square, actually driving back towards the entrance. When walking through Büyuk Valide Han, you will find the stairs where Bond and Patrice drive up on your left hand, inside the house. The stairs and the second floor where they come out with the motorbikes are making this location worth visiting.

Patrice and Bond drive up a staircase and come out on the second floor. Then, with some clever film editing as always, Bond and Patrice drive through an opening in the wall and come out on the rooftops of the Grand Bazaar, which will be covered later.

However, there is in reality no way out once you have come up the stairs and it would be impossible to drive anywhere, least of all up on the rooftops. Hence, Patrice could have been captured here already. What a pity for Bond…

It is probably not worth trying to explain in detail how to find this location, first because I don’t remember, and secondly because the Grand Bazaar is a maze and directions are a bit useless. The easiest way is probably to ask about the way from one of the many guards patrolling the bazaar. But the entrance is located in the north-western part. The street where Bond is driving down before driving into Büyuk Valide Han can be found where you expect it to be, right in front of the entrance, so no editing here.

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