M’s restaurant in Spectre – Rules’ Restaurant

Finally, our long awaited Spectre, Craig’s forth installment and the 24th film in series, premiered in London on 26 October earlier this week. Naturally, a trip to London for the premiere was inevitable. It had been reported earlier this year that the film team had shot a few scenes with M, Q and Moneypenny in Covent Garden, namely at Rules Restaurant. We therefore took the opportunity to make reservations for a late night dinner.

In the film, M is having dinner in the restaurant, drinking red wine when Q and Moneypenny come in. A short dialogue follows after which M leaves the table and walks out.

As we had yet to see how Rules would feature in the film, we had made reservations for a late night dinner following the premiere on Monday. Walking into the restaurant after the premiere that evening was very special. M’s table could be spotted easily as the big painting hanging over the table (the above picture) could be recognised from the film.

Quite unexpectedly the head waiter told us, as we looked around the restaurant: “don’t worry, I’ve given you the table”, and showed us straight to M’s.

The dinner was excellent, with sterling service from the staff. Since the last order for food is 23.00 (at least on Mondays) the restaurant was fairly empty during our visit. We ordered hare, lamb and whole duck, all excellently prepared. The English sparkling water Hildon can also be seen in the restaurant in the film. The restaurant was established in 1798, which makes it the oldest restaurant in London. It is located at Maiden Lane in Covent Garden and serves traditional British food, specializing in game birds, small game, oysters, pies and pudding etc.

Filming at Rules took place on and around 22 May this year. One of the waiters told us that filming took three days during which time the restaurant was closed and the staff were put on leave with pay. Only a few of the staff was needed during filming.

M picks up his umbrella from the umbrella stand and leaves as Q and Moneypenny are standing in the restaurant foyer. The exterior is only briefly seen in the film.

              “He’s on his own…”
                         – M –

10 thoughts on “M’s restaurant in Spectre – Rules’ Restaurant

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  2. Very interesting blog you have here! Just a minor correction – Hildon sparkling water comes from Broughton in Hampshire, not Scotland (I have family in the village).


  3. We went to Rules on Saturday having booked the table about a month ago,before Spectre came out so we were tremendously excited to see it in the film last Sunday.

    Wonderful restaurant


  4. Does anyone know the artist responsible for the painting? I saw it for the first time in a Vanity Fair article about Julian Fellowes and he was also sitting at the table. Have not been able to find the artist although I suspect it is James Atkinson Grimshaw.


  5. That's very interesting and amazing to foodies. Eating environment need to different from others places. Shared experiences helps other to visit .


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