Venini Glass – Venice

In Moonraker, 1979, Bond finds a clue in Drax’s safe in California, leading to a glass manufacturer called Venini Glass in Venice. Drax is making the gas globes in Venice and the hexagonal glass tubes are apparently hand-blown in the Venini glass factory at St Marc’s square.

After his first visit, Bond later returns to Venini with M and the Defense minister. Bond has then alerted the Italian police about the secret laboratory and the deaths of the two scientists which he had observed the previous night when breaking into the glass factory.


Venini Glass, founded in 1921, is still located in the same place as in the film, namely at Piazzetta dei Leoncini, which is a small square right next to St Marc’s square. The marquis to the shop has been changed and the entrance has been moved since Sir Roger’s visit in 1979. The entrance is now located more to the right. Even thought the interior has been changed, the stone floor is still the same and very recognizable.

One of the stone pillars seen as Bond is walking through the shop can still be found on location.


Venini was founded in 1921 by a Milanese lawyer, Paolo Venini and an antiques dealer, Giacomo Cappellin. Venini and Cappellin opened a glass factory on the islands of Murano, which is the historic glass production center of Venice, located in the lagoon of Venice just north of the city. The firm was originally named Vetri Soffiati Muranesi Cappellin Venini & C, which was changed to Soffiati Muranesi Venini & C. and later to Venini & C after Cappellin’s withdrawal following disputes.

Bond arrives to St Marc’s square in his gondola and walks up to Piazzetta dei Leoncini (the little square of small lions), where he looks at his photograph and enters the shop. This square is located right behind the large church, the Basilica di San Marco, which is briefly visible during Bond’s gondola ride across St Marc’s square later in the film.
The glassblowing factory is of course not located adjacent to the shop in reality. These scenes were filmed at the real factory, located on the island of Murano, where Venetian glass has been made since the 13th century.


Just when you thought Sir Roger’s head couldn’t get any longer.

The scenes in the glass museum, which also was connected to the factory in the film, were shot in studio. An advertising poster for Murano glass can be seen behind Sir Roger as he observes Dr Goodhead in the museum.

Vetri di Murano dell’ 800 – Murano Glass poster

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