Teatro la Fenice – Meeting in Venice

After being humiliated by Drax in his office, Bond and M are being reprimanded by the Minister of Defense on a street in Venice, before the minister returns to the consulate. Bond asks M to get Q to do an analysis of the lethal liquid he took from the laboratory as a few gondolas runs past.

The meeting takes place on a particular street, in front of a large building with an elegant entrance. The building seen in the background is the grand opera of Venice, called Teatro la Fenice. This is actually the back of the opera, as the main entrance can be reached by foot from the other side. This entrance seen in the film, is only accessible by gondola and appears not to be in use anymore.

Teatro la Fenice is one of the most famous and renowned landmarks in the history of Italian theatre and was opened in 1792.

Bond, M and the minister are coming down the street called Fondamenta Fenice, which runs along the canal Rio de la Vesta.

“Your man is to be taken off the assignment!”
                     – Minister of Defence to M – 


Bond hands over the poison to M, who unofficially lets Bond continue his assignment without the minister’s knowledge.

“- 007, no slip-ups. Or we’re both in trouble!


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