İstanbul Garı – Sirkeci Train Station

After escaping from the Russian consulate through Kerim’s secret tunnel, Bond and his entourage come up very close to the Orient Express railway station in Istanbul, “İstanbul Garı”.

As Bond, Tania and Kerim cross the street and run into the railway station, a fire truck is passing to give the impression that this place is located very close to the Russian consulate, where the fire is still going on. However, this location is on the other side of town from where the Russian consulate was located, namely in Sirkeci, a quarter located in the Eminönü neighborhood of the Fatih district.

The Terminal is located on the tip of Istanbul’s historic peninsula right next to the Golden Horn and just northwest of Gülhane Park and the famous Topkapı Palace. The beautiful station, one of the most beautiful Bond locations in Istanbul, was built in 1890 by the Oriental Railway. Bond and Tania run across the street Ankara Caddesi and enter the station from the west entrance, and thus not the main entrance with faces the north. The kiosk where Kerim’s men are waiting was located somewhere along Ankara Caddesi but the area has changed notably since 1963.

The Venice Simplon Orient Express still departs from the Sirkeci station and makes the famous original journey to Paris once a year.

Kerim’s secret tunnel leads up to a small shop where his men are waiting. For some reason, the small kiosk apparently sells oranges and lemons (or fresh orange/lemon juice). Through the side door, Bond, Tania and Kerim come out on Ankara Caddesi that runs immediately in front of the Sirkeci station, from where the Orient Express departs. I have covered the station in an earlier post, here.

The kiosk where Bond, Tania and Kerim come out just opposite the railway station


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